Our Mission


Pearl Mannequin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has been establised in September,2004.
Our parent company PEARL IDEA Co., Ltd, Japan has 60 years of experience in the design and development of human body models and display tools, as well as the design and construction of various commercial spaces, storefronts and exhibitions.
Pearl Mannequin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and its parent company have the same goal of providing customers around the world with high quality design, high quality products, and high level of customer service, and are constantly working in these areas.

The currents of the times are surging forward, but will never cease. New demands and new technologies will continue to develop. Pearl Mannequin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd will continue to grasp the pulse of the times, and the opportunities that exist, to contribute to people's lives, our customers' needs, a more harmonious society, and a more diverse world.

President Li Qin

About Us

Company Profile: Pearl Mannequin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Address: Room 504, T-STAR, No.258 Yangzhai Road, Changning District, Shanghai
电话: +86-21-5353-0661
传真: +86-21-5353-0566
邮编: 200052
网址 : http://pearl-mq-sh.com
成立日: September 26, 2004
General Manager: Li Qin
Number of Employees: 7

Trade Bank:
Mitsubishi Nichi-Lian Bank (China) Co.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Huangpu Branch, Nanjing East Road Branch 3

Major Business Activities:
Development, sales and lease of models; design and sales of display tools; planning, design and construction management of stores, housing and commercial facilities; planning and design of exhibitions, etc.
September, 2004 Ltd. was established on Jiujiang Road, Shanghai
In August 2007, the company moved to Jiangsu North Road, Shanghai and established an exhibition hall
In June 2008, the Beijing branch was established
In August 2008, the company moved to Pudong New Area, Shanghai, and established Shanghai DEPOT
In September 2009, the company moved to Xinhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai
In February 2024, the company moved to Ningya Road, Changning District, Shanghai.