We brand spaces in four business areas to provide our customers with "co-creation space of Tokimeki!"  With the keywords, "Touch," "Experience," "Trend," and "Empathy," we express our business areas as Pearl Compass.

VMD Media Business

VMD media business that develops and proposes Mannequins, Store Fixtures, Digital Signages, Sales Promotion Tools and other fresh media to brand the space; we sensitively catch the trends and embody the stores based on the customer's brand and product concept.

Event Business

Empathy event business to brand the space by sharing values and information and creating; Always with new perspectives and technologies, we propose inspiring event spaces that create new customers.

Life Design Business

Life design business to have people communicate with each other and enjoy enriching their lives, and brand the spaces; In today's world of overflowing goods, there is a need for renovations that make effective use of resources and for the creation of communities that connect people with each other.

Space Business

Physical experience space business; From the sales floor for clothing, food, housing and recreation, to offices, residences, hotels and other various commercial spaces, we propose new realistic experiences and creativity to brand the space.