Established September 26, 1956

September 26, 1956 Fumio and Hisako Goto, the founders, established the company at their home in Motosu City, Gifu Prefecture.

1964  Company established / Gifu office opened

1973 Osaka Sales Office opened

1975 Hamamatsu Sales Office opened

1976  New head office building built

1979 Nagoya office opened / Construction License No. 8078 issued by Prefectural Governor

1983 Mie Sales Office opened.

1984 Newly built and relocated Nagoya Sales Office building

1986  Newly built and relocated Osaka branch office building

1987  Tokyo Sales Office opened

1988 Hamamatsu Sales Office moved to a new building

1991  Nagano Branch Office opened

1992  Opened Pearl Depot Distribution Center

1994  Pearl Depot Adachi Distribution Center established

1997  Yokohama Sales Office opened

1999 North Kanto Branch Office opened

2001  Opened Pearl Depot Kanto Distribution Center / Opened Kanto Headquarters

2002 Opened Shinkawa Studio (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

2003  Kanto Headquarters relocated / Pearl Labo established (in Pearl Depot Kanto Distribution Center)

2004  Opened Sendai Branch Office / Saitama Sales Office / Chiba Sales Office / Built a new building for Mie Sales Office / Established Pearl Mannequin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2006  Opened Honmachi Studio (Osaka)

Second foundation June 1, 2007

2007  Osaka branch office relocated / Fukuoka sales office opened / Saitama sales office building newly built and relocated / Pearl Depot Kansai Distribution Center opened

2008  Opened Shizuoka Sales Office / Pearl Labo (showroom) in Pearl Depot Tokai Distribution Center

2009  Opened Yoyogi Square with Pearl Labo (showroom) / Renamed Kanto Headquarters to Hatchobori Square / Opened Niigata Branch Office

2012  Relocation of Yokohama Sales Office and Establishment of Distribution Center (Sagamihara D.C.) / Establishment of Shizuoka Branch (Integration of  Shizuoka and Hamamatsu Sales Office)

2013 Nagoya Square opened (Nagoya Branch relocated) / Osaka Square opened (Osaka Branch and Higashi-Osaka Sales Office merged)

2014 Pearl Depot Kansai Distribution Center relocated / Mannequin Museum opened in Pearl Depot Tokai Distribution Center

2016 Fukuoka Branch opened / Tokyo Square opened (Hatchobori and Yoyogi Square merged)

2018 : Expanded Pearl Depot Tokai Distribution Center / Opened 3D LAB (Digital Modeling Facility) in Pearl Depot Tokai Distribution Center / Opened Creative Office in Head Office / Opened Inspiration Lab in Head Office

2019  Opening of Osaka Square Creative Office

2020 Established Tokyo Square Creative Office / Established Nagoya Square Creative Office / Obtained Prefectural Governor's License for Specified Construction Business (Special-2) No. 103668

Third foundation February 1, 2021

2021  Company name changed to Pearl Idea

2022  Fukuoka Base opened

2023 Nishi-Tokyo Base opened